Linhas de Trens

Major London Railway Stations:

Waterloo: For trains to and from the south coast, including the Transatlantic and cross-channel ferry termini at Southampton and Bournemouth.

St Pancras: The terminus for the Waverley Route, which runs from London to Edinburgh via Carlisle.

King’s Cross: The terminus of the Eastern Group lines, which cover East Anglia up to Cambridge and King’s Lynn, and also journeys to Edinburgh, Aberdeen and further north via Doncaster and York begin here.

Euston: For trains to Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh via Birmingham and Manchester, as well as the boat-train to Holyhead, for services to Ireland.

Paddington: For services to the west and South West of England including Wales and Cornwall. The boat-train to Fishguard for ferries to Ireland also runs from Paddington.

Liverpool Street: Home of the Great Eastern Railway, which runs trains to and from the Eastern Counties (Norfolk and Suffolk) and also for the boat-train to Harwich for ferries to Holland, Belgium, Norway and Germany.

Linhas de Trens

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